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All new KYEBRIQ BRIQ3-PRO now comes in Android 12 !!


KyeBriq Android Box is the strongest and slimmest Android Box you ever need for your car. Not only it is small and slim, but its performance and features are also at a whole new level. We are more than just a wireless adapter, our KYEBRIQ BRIQ3-PRO runs on its OS and provides a lot more attractive features. 


This device works with both iPhones & Android phones. 


We welcome distributors, group buys, influencers, and affiliate marketers. 


Note: This product only works for vehicles with factory Wired Apple CarPlay.


[All New 2023 KyeBriq BRIQ3-PRO Android 12]


What's new??


✅ Android 12 for better APP Compatibility

✅ Dark Mode available

✅ Improved user interface

✅ Better 4G network coverage. Better Japan 4G coverage

✅ GPS Optimization

✅ GPS data positioning function from the original car including gyroscope data


If you are looking to upgrade your existing HU to an Android HU, you have come to the right place. We convert wired CarPlay to wireless android ! By using KyeBriq Android Box


🚫 no need to buy expensive Android HU

🚫 no downtime

🚫 no impact on car warranty

🚫 no retrofitting

🚫 no coding


Just need to plug our Android Box into your CarPlay port and you can enjoy all features listed below!


⚙ Product Features⚙

✅ Qualcomm Snapdragon 665

✅ 6 Core Processor

✅ 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM

✅ Android 12.0

✅ Convert wired Apple Carplay to Wireless

✅ Convert wired Android Auto to Wireless

✅ YouTube/Netflix/Disney+/HBO

✅ Built-in GPS to use Google Map/Waze

✅ Split Screen

✅ Google Play Store

✅ Wireless iPhone & Android mirrorlink

✅ Play movies and music from MicroSD Slot

✅ SIM Card Slot that supports 2G/3G/4G

✅ Bluetooth for multiple device connection

✅ Supports both Apple & Android phones.

✅ Plug and play to USB carplay port,

✅ No impact on car warranty

✅ Plays even when you are on the move 

    KyeBriq BRIQ3-PRO

    $290.00 一般價格

      • Product Size : 80mm*80mm*13.8mm, smallest & slimmest
      • Octacore : 8core,fastest device, low power consumption, highest performance
      • Plug & play to your OEM Carplay USB Port
      • Play Netflix/YouTube and a lot more other apps available on Google Play Store
      • Wireless Android Auto & Wireless Apple Carplay
      • iPhone & Android Phone Mirror
      • Micro SD Card Slot allows playing of movies and carplay offline
      • Accurate GPS to use Google Maps/Waze installed on Android Box
      • Bluetooth Connection to multiple devices (keyboard, mouse etc)
      • Plays music and answer phone calls via Bluetooth
      • Provides Mobile Hotspot to other devices
      • Control the Android Box with your car’s original controls (touch pads, button, knob etc)
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